Price list

In order to receive tailor-made price quotes, please contact us at or use the contact form.


Pricing is performed free of charge.


The price of a written translation is calculated on the basis of 1 standard page (1600 characters including spaces) of the translated text.

Each commenced page up to 800 characters is counted as a half of the page, above 800 characters – as an entire page.


The final costs are dependent on such factors as the subject of the text (specialist terminology), total number of pages and the deadline (normal or express mode of translation).

Total price may be also dependant on the text format (scans, pdf files, handwriting).

One page of certified translation contains 1125 characters including spaces.

Interpreting is calculated based on four-hour units. Each commenced hour of interpreter’s disposal is calculated as a full hour.


We offer discounts for frequent customers and in case of large orders.